I know it is odd to write my first official blog on vampires (which will probably alienate half of the blogging world)–but it happens that I have recently finished the latest novel in The House of Night young adult series, Awakened, by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast.

So, I had to blog about it…

Okay.  I love vampires! (check out the pretty solid movie list at snarkerati )

I have been strangely attracted to them since childhood.  First impressions were Salem’s Lot, which frightened yet intrigued me and Love at First Bite, which made me laugh and romanticized the character for me.  Poor Dracula!  He just wants to find love!  What can I say?  I was nine years old and I was hooked.

Since then I have seen countless movies–read many books–and pretty much  have had a love affair with these creatures of the night.  The quest for immortality.  The consequences of being seduced by Darkness.  The power.  The allure of blood.  The bad-assness!  Curse or blessing? It all fascinates me.

The House of Night series was suggested by a friend, who warned it was addictive and sure enough, my daughter, Dezi and I devoured the first four and then have waited, not so patiently, for each book after.  Awakened is the eighth book.  (I’ve heard there are to be four more installments before the end.)

It follows the journey of  a teenage Zoey Redbird, as she is marked to become a vampire and begins her new life at the House of Night schools.  She makes true friends and encounters evil–of course–and has been specially chosen to save the world from said evil.  It all sounds typical, but what makes this series so enjoyable are the characters.  Zoey and her band of friends are believable and flawed.  I like that.  And the story blends native american folklore and vampire myths successfully, creating a unique world.

I can’t say too much more, except that if vampires interest you–it is worth looking into.  It is an easy read–(by no means Pulitzer Prize material)–and fun!  We are loving Zoey’s adventures–maybe you will too.  (amazon)

Hope all is well on your side of the world!

PS One of my favorite movies for 2010 was the awesome Daybreakers–that had a creative, new twist and was a fine addition to the vampire mythology.

Once upon a time…

there was a Puerto Rican girl, who loved to create and write stories…

And now–this is my first blog!  Which is a long way from the notebook and pencil from my childhood.  I am excited and a bit nervous to start this journey.

I wanted to write–anything and everything that came to mind–thus the title…nediunedited (thanks Mike L)! 🙂

Of course there will be a lot of film, television and book blogging–because that is what I am passionate about and that’s what many of my friends have requested.  But, there will  be other topics covered, depending on what is going on in and around my life.

I wanted to get this blog up and running before the Oscars, so that I can begin with my top movies of 2010.  I believe that will be a great way to introduce myself to you all.

Well, I guess I better think of a sign off phrase…

Until then!