Once upon a time…

there was a Puerto Rican girl, who loved to create and write stories…

And now–this is my first blog!  Which is a long way from the notebook and pencil from my childhood.  I am excited and a bit nervous to start this journey.

I wanted to write–anything and everything that came to mind–thus the title…nediunedited (thanks Mike L)! 🙂

Of course there will be a lot of film, television and book blogging–because that is what I am passionate about and that’s what many of my friends have requested.  But, there will  be other topics covered, depending on what is going on in and around my life.

I wanted to get this blog up and running before the Oscars, so that I can begin with my top movies of 2010.  I believe that will be a great way to introduce myself to you all.

Well, I guess I better think of a sign off phrase…

Until then!

About nediunedited

Who is nediunedited? A lover of cinema since the age of seven! All kinds–all genres. Films (TV and Books, too) have shaped my life–they were my escape, my inspiration and even my first role models. I do not rate my films in the traditional sense (no stars, grades, etc.)–instead I give you my opinion and my take on it–I do not give traditional plot summaries either, because I want you to go in clear–ready for your own experience. There is nothing better than discovering a fine film, without any other influence. (Personally, when I want to really see something I practice media shut out–I refuse to watch too many trailers, viral promos, reviews, etc–I have been known to cover my eyes and ears in the theater during trailers–LALALALA!) That’s me–hope you come by and visit! I will definitely make the rounds and find some of you out there, too.

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