Golden Globes–so 2 days ago!

Signs for the Golden Globe Awards.

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I know! I know!  Sickness.  Work.  College dorm move (back) in.  All legitimate reasons for my delayed observations.  Since, this is old news I will summarize.  And honestly the Golden Globes are little hard to take seriously.  Really.  They are voted by a bunch of journalists that report on films–it’s like  the Peoples Choice Awards, but not, because their journalists. 

Anyway.  The Golden Globes.  The Hollywood Foreign Press Association has hosted this award ceremony for 68 years and it has turned into a dress rehearsal for the Oscars (which is the real big deal because it is voted on by their peers).   I think the Globes are more of an excuse for Hollywood’s élite and not so élite to drink, mingle and party and the bonus, is that we get to watch. 

It is a guilty pleasure to watch award shows.  We can get indignant when our favorites are snubbed or ignored.  We can make lofty, superior observations.  We can woot when our beloved celebrities are victorious.  We can gush over wonderful acceptance speeches.  We can only hope that something unexpected happens (one hand push-ups please!)  And yes.  We can wonder what in hell they were smoking when they got dressed!

For me–it has been a life long ritual.  I try to watch all the movies  and performances that are likely to be nominated.  Can’t yell and be cross if I’ve never seen what was unjustly awarded.  It is yet another motivator that fuels my film obsession–one must have a method to one’s madness. 

So, on to the Globes!  Where to begin? 

How about Ricky Gervais?  I thought he was funny, but I also thought it was awkward.  It’s great when you joke about celebrities in a monologue during your comedy central special, but somehow when they are two feet away from you, it’s just weird.  You laugh and then cringe–“Sorry!”–I felt myself feeling bad for those poor, beautiful people.  Honestly, after last year I was VERY surprised he was invited back– so, in my opinion, they asked for it!

Nominations and awards?  It was a pretty safe, with a few pleasant surprises.  There were all solid choices this year.  I found myself saying, ” I would be happy with this or that.”   Looking at the winners I was quite happy with the results, seeing that most were my picks.  Except for a few. 

Best Picture (Drama) should have been Black Swan.  Although I loved The Social Network and it is worthy of the nomination, it did not have the same emotional resonance that Black Swan did for me.  

Best Supporting Actress (Drama) should have been Jacki Weaver.  Again, Melissa Leo is wonderful in The Fighter, but Jacki was phenomenal in Animal Kingdom (a small little seen film).  She was jaw-dropping good!  It’s a shame.

Best Director should have been Darren Aronofsky.  He directed a masterpiece, not just an excellent film.  Does that make sense?  David Fincher directed a movie–well–but Darren created art!  I hope for the Oscars…

Best original Soundtrack was a 3 way split for me.  I have The Social Network, Inception and Tron (Daft Punk were robbed of a nomination) playing in my car right now!

Best Television Series (Drama) should have been The Walking Dead.  I love Boardwalk Empire–but it has been done before–gangsters during prohibition?Not too original, no matter how well made.  Now, a weekly series about the Zombie Apocalypse that is a brilliant character based examination on the human condition?  C’mon! 

Nice surprises?  Steve Buscemi–yay!  Paul Giamatti–yes!  Katey Sagal–about time!  It was revenge of the under appreciated character actor.  Well done! 

All other results were my picks. 

Christian Bale.  Been a fan since Empire of the Sun and Newsies–this is long overdue–his Globe needs an Oscar to keep it company. 

The Kids are Alright is a beautiful movie and Annette Bening is one of my all time favorites–so strong and amazing! 

Colin Firth is a class act and damn fine actor (he was robbed from his Oscar last year for The Single Man, maybe this year…).

Toy Story 3.  Perfect ending to a perfect trilogy.  I tear up just thinking about it!

Aaron Sorkin can not be denied the brilliance that is The Social Network screenplay. 

GLEE brings me joy!  But Modern Family could have won too! 🙂  Jane Lynch and Chris Colfer (who is the STAR of that show) are very deserving. 

Claire Danes for Temple Grandin (which is a must see!) was a DUH!

And finally Natalie Portman–I wanna just take her home with me–adorable! She is the one that no one can touch–it was a performance of a lifetime-to quote from Black Swan, “It was perfect!”

I will end with that…Hope all is well on your side of the world!

**Reminder: I will be starting a 25 days to Oscar series on Wed February 2, in which I will review my top 25 movies of 2010 (guess which is #1 :)) –leading to Oscar Night February 27,2011**

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One thought on “Golden Globes–so 2 days ago!

  1. Ricky Gervais really made me shocked at the things he said to the other actors! I agree with you!
    What I enjoyed about the Golden Globes this year was that everyone who won I could see winning– even if I didn’t fully agree!

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