#14 Kick Ass

The foreground features the superhero Kick-Ass in his green and yellow costume. Against a black background the words KICK-ASS are written in yellow block capitals.
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Matthew Vaughn
Produced by
  • Matthew Vaughn
  • Brad Pitt
  • Kris Thykier
  • Adam Bohling
  • Tarquin Pack
  • David Reid
Screenplay by
Based on
Narrated by Aaron Johnson
Music by
Cinematography Ben Davis
Editing by

 Kick Ass is…well…kick ass!  It is an ultra violent, dark comedy and extremely entertaining.  Yet, if you strip the profanity, gore and over-the-top action, you have a expertly crafted story–well told by a strong assemble. 

I heard a lot about this film–way before it was released–so I went in nervous–what if it did not live up to the hype?  No worries here.  WOW!  It is in your face–über cool–and a completely original way of telling a “superhero” tale, as well as a commentary about the modern world’s definition of celebrity.

Writer/Director Matthew Vaughn is three for three for me now–loved Layer Cake, Stardust and now Kick Ass.  He has proven he can go handle different tones and themes–( Now I keep my fingers crossed for X-Men: First Class)–and he has a knack for creating believable characters, no matter how incredible the world they are inhabiting. 

Every actor is perfectly cast.  Aaron Johnson embodies the sexy dorkiness it takes to believe that he would evolve into Kick Ass.  The stand out though is Chloe Mortez–you’ve probably heard this many times and it’s because it is true.  She carries herself with a mature confidence that is rare in 11 year olds (she is as good in her small part as a young sister in 500 Days of Summer and in this year’s horror remake Let Me In)–she is going to have a promising career.  Also, this is the way I love Nic Cage–controlled yet with that lil bit of crazy right behind his eyes–as Big Daddy he showcases his strengths and anchors the movie. 

So, if  you love action–want to laugh–and yet still be invested in interesting characters–go KICK ASS!  🙂 

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