#10 The Town

Directed by Ben Affleck
Produced by Graham King
Basil Iwanyk
Screenplay by Ben Affleck
Peter Craig
Aaron Stockard
Based on Prince of Thieves by
Chuck Hogan
Starring Ben Affleck
Jon Hamm
Rebecca Hall
Jeremy Renner
Blake Lively[1]
Pete Postlethwaite
Chris Cooper
Music by Harry Gregson-Williams
David Buckley
Cinematography Robert Elswit
Editing by Dylan Tichenor
Studio Legendary Pictures
GK Films
Thunder Road Film

I believe Ben Affleck has found his true calling.  At first, I thought the exceptional Gone Baby Gone could be a fluke–beginners luck–but this solidifies his directing chops.  He has an ease with characters, dialogue and action.  The film flows with a natural rhythm that never seems forced or “hollywood”.   Well done, Mr. Affleck…well done, indeed!

I love everything.  There was nothing wrong with this movie.  The story was real and plausible.  The actors were dead on–shout out to Jeremy Renner, who continues being one of my newest crushes (The Hurt Locker)–he is electrifying on-screen–I know–electrifying??  But he is!  And the action was tense.

What is sad, is that The Town is the kind of  mature storytelling that is being produced less and less.  It almost feels like a dying breed.  Here’s to hoping that Ben Affleck can help bring it back!

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