#8 Scott Pilgrim Vs The World

A pink-haired girl named Ramona, standing back to back with a boy in a red t-shirt, Scott Pilgrim. Behind them pictures of her seven evil exes.
Official international poster
Directed by Edgar Wright
Produced by Edgar Wright
Marc Platt
Eric Gitter
Nira Park
Screenplay by Edgar Wright
Michael Bacall
Based on Scott Pilgrim by
Bryan Lee O’Malley
Narrated by Bill Hader
Starring Michael Cera
Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Kieran Culkin
Ellen Wong
Alison Pill
Mark Webber
Johnny Simmons
Anna Kendrick
Music by Nigel Godrich
Cinematography Bill Pope
Editing by Jonathan Amos
Paul Machliss
Studio Big Talk Films

I love Edgar Wright.  Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz are two of my all time favorites.  So, maybe I am a little biased or maybe, just maybe Scott Pilgrim is one of the most freshly original, hilarious action-romantic-comedies I have seen in years. 

Everything about this film feels new.  The premise.  The tone.  The theme.  The action.   (I never read the graphic novels and was able to enjoy it without any preconceived ideas and what a fun ride!)

This is definitely a multiple view movie and very, very quotable! “BREAD MAKES YOU FAT?!”  LOL–There are dozens of memorable moments–but also there is a lot of heart and that is what makes it more than just funny…it makes it EPIC!  🙂

Scott Pilgrim vs The World

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#9 The Social Network

Directed by David Fincher
Produced by David Fincher
Scott Rudin
Dana Brunetti
Michael De Luca
Ceán Chaffin
Kevin Spacey
Screenplay by Aaron Sorkin
Based on The Accidental Billionaires by
Ben Mezrich
Starring Jesse Eisenberg
Andrew Garfield
Justin Timberlake
Brenda Song
Armie Hammer
Max Minghella
Rashida Jones
Rooney Mara
Music by Trent Reznor
Atticus Ross
Cinematography Jeff Cronenweth
Editing by Kirk Baxter
Angus Wall
Studio Relativity Media
Trigger Street Productions

What?! You might be thinking–The Social Network is NOT in her top 5?! Well, you will notice that my favorites are all movies that moved me–emotionally–and although expertly crafted and perfectly written–I was a detached observer and never truly attached to anyone in this film.

That said this is an excellent film. It is an accurate representation of its generation. Although we may be more connected with technology we are also more isolated and distant than ever.

David Fincher directs a fast paced, interesting movie about what amounts to a pre-trial deposition–two, to be exact–with flashbacks interwoven it is never boring or slow.  Aaron Sorkin will win Best Adapted Screenplay–and it is well deserved–fast, funny and intelligent–Sorkin is a master wordsmith. 

The cast is stellar.  Andrew Garfield is a standout (and gives me hope about the new SpiderMan), but my favorite–and under appreciated–is Armie Hammer playing both Winklevoss twins (which I did not realize until I was told–great CG work).   I loved every moment he was on-screen.

This is a film you need to watch more than once–just to soak in the dialogue and the subtle performances. And then post your review on facebook–like I am about to do.  🙂

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