#7 Never Let Me Go

UK theatrical release poster
Directed by Mark Romanek
Produced by Alex Garland
Andrew Macdonald
Allon Reich
Screenplay by Alex Garland
Based on Never Let Me Go by
Kazuo Ishiguro
Narrated by Carey Mulligan
Starring Carey Mulligan
Keira Knightley
Andrew Garfield
Music by Rachel Portman[1]
Cinematography Adam Kimmel
Editing by Barney Pilling
Studio DNA Films
Fox Searchlight Pictures

 Lovely.  Absolutely lovely.  This is science fiction at its best.  Instead of  telling an all-encompassing tale about a world that has discovered a way to prolong life–it focuses on the intimate story of 3 clones and their brief existence.  Add one of the most tender love stories I have ever seen and you have a haunting film, that makes you question how we live our lives. 

I read the novel recently and found the movie to be, not only faithful but better, which is rare.  They find the heart of the story and allow us to emotionally connect with the characters, in a way the novel failed to do.       Well done.  

The cast is stellar!  It is a shame that none of them were nominated for Oscars.  Especially Carey Mulligan and Andrew Garfield–they are perfect!  I am looking forward to their promising careers.

This is quiet, mature storytelling and it will touch your soul.

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