#5 The Fighter

Theatrical release poster
Directed by David O. Russell
Produced by David Hoberman
Todd Lieberman
Ryan Kavanaugh
Mark Wahlberg
Dorothy Aufiero
Paul Tamasy
(executive producer)
Darren Aronofsky
Screenplay by Scott Silver
Paul Tamasy
Eric Johnson
Story by Keith Dorrington
Paul Tamasy
Eric Johnson
Starring Mark Wahlberg
Christian Bale
Amy Adams
Melissa Leo
Music by Michael Brook
Cinematography Hoyte van Hoytema
Editing by Pamela Martin
Distributed by Paramount Pictures (US/UK)

The Fighter is a real story and it feels authentic.  A truthful portrait of a family–raw, unflinching and sometimes even funny–but always honest and that is what makes it brilliant.  David O. Russel had a paint by numbers story–yet by focusing on the unique characters and their relationship with each other–he elevates this film and creates a masterpiece. 

What also helps is the pitch perfect cast.  Every single performance is dead on–  from the scary sisters to the faithful old coach–everyone on screen shines.  None brighter than Christian Bale–WOW!  If you do not know I am an avid Bale fan–love, love, love him :)–so for me it’s about time!  And he is totally amazing!

You do not have to be into boxing to appreciate this story because it is so much more than that.  But it does give you a reason to stand up and cheer!

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