#2 Inception

A man in a suit with a gun in his right hand is flanked by five other individuals in the middle of a street which, behind them, is folded upwards. Leonardo DiCaprio's name and those of other cast members are shown above the words "YOUR MIND IS THE SCENE OF THE CRIME". The title of the film "INCEPTION", film credits, and theatrical and IMAX release dates are shown at the bottom.
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Christopher Nolan
Produced by Christopher Nolan
Emma Thomas
Written by Christopher Nolan
Starring Leonardo DiCaprio
Ken Watanabe
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Marion Cotillard
Ellen Page
Cillian Murphy
Tom Hardy
Dileep Rao
Tom Berenger
Michael Caine
Music by Hans Zimmer[1]
Cinematography Wally Pfister
Editing by Lee Smith
Studio Legendary Pictures
Syncopy Films
Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures

Intelligent.  Original.  Blockbuster.  Those are three adjectives NOT usually used to describe one movie.  Chris Nolan has created an anomaly–an entertaining, action-packed, smart, character driven success–that became the topic of  much discussion and debate.   

I experienced one of my favorite cinematic moments.  We were lucky to get into a sneak preview and it was a packed.  It was obvious that we were all in the Inception zone and as Hans Zimmer’s score soared during the last scene, you could feel the tension in the air.  When the last shot cuts to black , as if on cue, everyone GASPED! At the same time!  Wow.  Immediately, there was murmurings and a few choice words.  🙂  As we exited the theater all you could hear were theories and announcements that it had to be watched again.

I watched it 5 times and each time I saw something new and solidified my set of theories.  All I will say is that, “It falls!”  🙂 

All the elements work.  The cast–incredible.  The story–compelling.  The score–haunting.  The action–unique.  There is nothing out-of-place.  A true modern classic and the world seems to agree.  Isn’t that nice for a change?

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