Sorry–experienced Oscar technical difficulties…

the Oscars 2011 Online

Image by michperu via Flickr

My live blog was interrupted by technical difficulties–FAIL!

Well…bottom line–show was just alright–some good moments but overall meh! Anne Hathaway had some funny, but James Franco was stoned! 🙂 

Glad they are bringing back the Original Songs back–but I guess I want it to be a “show” again…

Nice to see Billy Crystal again–memories…

Happy to Inception win some awards–visual effects and sound–at least they got something.

Other awards were expected and worthy–except for the last two–

Tom Hooper?  Best Director?  I think not….I loved King’s Speech, but it is not the best directed movie–Darren Aronosfsky was robbed!  David Fincher would have been a good choice as well–and Chris Nolan was completely snubbed–but oh well…

The King’s Speech–best movie?  NOPE– again, it was good–but Black Swan was the Best movie of the year!

But that is how the Oscars goes…Shakespeare in Love beating Saving Private Ryan–Dances with Wolves over Goodfellas–yeah they have a legacy to uphold!

Now, back to 2011–let’s see what it holds for us…hope it’s good! 🙂