Theatrical release poster

How refreshing!  In a world full of McDonald tie ins and cookie-cut 3D kids movies we have an animated movie that looks like nothing else out there–and in good ol’ 2D–Rango is unique, funny and unforgettable. 

I have looked forward to this film since the teaser trailer–so, I am very happy it did not disappoint.  The setting, characters and story are all original and distinct. 

First and foremost, it is a western.  A western set in a parched wasteland–that is a character in itself.  Then there’s the tough townsfolk–interesting critters all perfectly voiced.  Johnny Depp leads the pack but does not still the spotlight–this a true assemble and it works.   (Shout out to Bill Nighy! Best. Snake. Ever.)After a little while you forget about the “stars” and just enjoy the ride. 

Another unique spin is how Gore Verbinski directed it–pretty awesome! Check out this featurette–

I do not want to give too much away–I went in not knowing much about the plot and it was cool to discover all the nuances and you should too!

Oh, and one more thing…this is not necessarily a kids movie, but the audience was full of them and they seem to be enjoying it, right along with the adults–it was fun for everyone!