Battle: Los Angeles may not be original–but it’s a hell of a ride!


This movie has been done before.  Yet, the teaser and trailer for Battle: LA were some of the best I have seen in years–I wanted to see it!  And although it borrows from any number of military and alien themed films, I enjoyed the execution of this particular story.  Instead of telling a broad, all-encompassing tale–it focuses solely on one marine platoon.  It is that angle that makes this unique–but it is the solid performances and non-stop action that make it fun!

I loved the look of the aliens–the ships looked battle worn and they were interesting to look at–with a clever reason for the hostile takeover.  Although they offer great foils, it is the human aspect that really works here.  The cast is great!  Aaron Eckhart is the star–strong and yet a little broken–and the young cast follows his lead. You like all the characters–and as Matt said, “There were no red shirts.”  You did not want any of them to die and that is a big accomplishment when it comes to this genre.

I love apocalyptic movies!  They make you feel proud to be human.  If faced with oppression and/or extinction we rise up–we are fighters!  And against any odds…we will prevail! You can only hope that is what will happen for real…not that I want to find out–so, I will just go to the movies and hope for the best.