Sucker Punch, all style…no substance

I was so excited…I LOVE Zack Snyder!  300, Watchmen and even The Owls of Ga’Hoole–loved them all.  And with Sucker Punch’s trailer being super awesome, I was highly anticipating it.   Maybe that was my problem…nothing could live up to that much mental hype.  It is visually stunning.  Full of action with kick ass women.  And has a cool dragon.  But still it disappoints. 

I will describe  my feelings as I watched–OMG! This if fracking awesome!  The music, the imagery–wonderful!  So cool–what a great turn–I love it!  Shaolin temple fight with giant ninja like dudes–too sweet!  Okay, zombie germans–nice…anything else?  no…just lots of tears, almost tears and men leering–oh more action–dancing–action, action, action.  I am kind of bored.  I do not care about any of them.  That’s nice.  Okay.  WTF?  The ending song over the credits–horrible. 

That is it.  That was the range of my reactions as I watched.  My early high was soon replaced by the dullness of repetition.  Snyder is a master of style, but the story and characters suffered this time.  It is brainless fun, but I was expecting more from him–he did it before–blend action with content–maybe he will do it again…next time.  I hope so.

Although fun–Limitless doesn’t reach its potential–

An original idea. Strong performances. It should be good–right?  Well almost.  Limitless falls prey to Hollywood formula screenwriting–must have external obstacles and a villain–which both could have been internalized for a much stronger film.  Instead it becomes a light popcorn movie.

And that is a shame, because it had so much potential.  A man that is given full access to his brain’s power and capacity.  The possibilities are limitless–yeah, I know–but it true.  How do you handle the sudden change?  The impact on the mind? The soul? So, what starts well–including a wonderful scene that introduces his new found abilities–quickly turns superficial.  It becomes more about what he does than what is happening to him.  Deep sigh. Ah, well.

I did enjoy Bradley Cooper in the role. (Abbie Cornish and Robert DeNiro were mere bit players.)  This is Cooper’s movie and if only he were given more to work with it could have a been a big turn for him–but nope–he’s still all smile and sex appeal.  Not that there is anything wrong with that…  🙂

It is not a waste of 2 hours–it is well paced and is overall fun.  If you could ignore some stupid things done by a genius mind and go along for the ride–you will have a good time.  I just wish it could have an incredible time.