Going to see new movie Hanna at AICN event!

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Sweet! Just got the notice that I was accepted to see a promo screening of the new movie Hanna 

This is a movie that has been on my list of must see films this year.  The fact that it will be at the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar (the best movie house anywhere) and a Aint It Cool News event just makes it cooler! 

Harry Knowles has different tasks or assignments to select how he picks his guests (we have been  50/50 with gaining admission) and this time he asked to write him an email saying why we believed in love.  I am totally stoked he liked my little blurb–it is so cool–thought I would share…

Hello Harry,

Hope all continues to go well on your side of the world!

 I believe in love because I once believed it did not exist…and was proven wrong.

I thought it was fiction, created for films and novels.

In the real world we had commitment and compromise.

Then I came across the coolest guy I had ever met …and it was instant.

The connection.  The butterflies.  The tightening of the chest.  And the catching of the breath. 

I believe in love because for the last five years that fiction has been my reality. 

Thank you for all the opportunities and for being one of the many reasons Austin is so cool!

I know it will be a good time! Now I just hope the movie is good too! 🙂  I will let you know…