Source Code–engaging, but not quite brilliant…

This is a smart, reinventing of standard sci-fi themes–the strong performances and clever directing allow you to enjoy the storytelling–even if the story has been told before.    I was interested throughout, even if I was not blown away (sorry for the pun).  Source Code does keep you engaged in its short running time and that is why it is successful–but not brilliant.

I have read that this movie is a thriller and I can not agree with that label.  Maybe it’s just me–and my aforementioned ability to figure stuff out–but there was no suspense.  It is straight forward.  Don’t get me wrong–the pace is good–I just saw everything coming.  A thriller (to me) should keep me guessing and on the edge of my seat.  Not the case here. 

The cast was dead on.  Jake Gyllenhaal was very good–and that is saying a lot–he has been overrated, in my opinion, in the past.  I liked him as Captain Colter Stevens.  Michelle Monaghan is lovely as the ill-fated passenger and Vera Farmiga is surprisingly right in her role as Captain Stevens life line.  My favorite though is Jeffrey Wright–an outstanding character actor–he creates a fully realized character in a very short period–you know instantly you should not like this guy.  Bravo!

At the end, it does spur some interesting conversation about quantum physics and divergent paths…and for a sci-fi geek like me–that is pretty awesome. 

Duncan Jones shows promise and is a director I will keep an eye on–his first written and directed film Moon was provocative (if not perfect) and now this–not too shabby.  I look forward to his next attempt.