Hanna is a thrilling tale…brilliantly executed!

Wow!  I love that feeling when you leave a movie house all excited and energized–discussing the shared experience.  That is what film lovers live for and tonight Hanna did just that!  It is a perfect combination of an independent character driven movie and a Hollywood action thriller.   It passes my “best of” test…I would not change a thing in this movie. 

You may have figured out that I really focus on character development–at times I can excuse other faults if I am 100% invested in the character–and here I was completely taken by Soairse Ronan’s portrayal of Hanna.  Otherworldly, intense and solemn, yet fresh, curious and innocent.  You are scared of her and yet strangely, want to protect her too.  It is a stunning performance!

Add a wonderful supporting cast and you can’t help but be lost in this story.  Eric Bana as the devoted father, Cate Blanchette as a hardened agent and in a smaller role, Tom Hollander’s german henchman are all impressive–the traveling family and the Grimm keeper are perfect, too.  And another character is the fantastic music by The Chemical Brothers–it grabs hold and adds dimension to every scene. 

All of this is beautifully woven together by director Joe Wright.  Honestly, I was surprised!   Atonement?  Beautiful but flawed.  The Soloist?  Cookie cutter.  Pride and Predjudice? Quite good–but no action showcase.  He takes a drastic turn and it pays off very well–very well indeed!  The pacing is quick and the story is lean.  His attention to detail is what makes the difference and makes this an action movie with a whole new feel.   

I am so glad I was able to share Hanna with an awesome AICN crowd.  We were all invested.  We laughed together.  We winced together.  We exclaimed at the awesome, kick ass moments together.  That is the best way to experience a film and it was a good time!

If you couldn’t tell, I loved it!  I was on the edge of my seat–tense and paranoid at times.  I loved the allusions to Grimm fairy tales–very clever.  The setting for the climatic finale is pretty cool.  Yes…I can go on and on, but I have said enough–go check it out!  You will not regret it!