Want a goofy-stupid, fun time? Your Highness is here to fulfill your wishes!

Sometimes you want to leave your brain at the door and just enjoy the popcorn–it is what I call “popcorn movies” and they can be cool when you know what to expect.  Your Highness is not high art and it is not a cult classic, but it is raunchy, vulgar and fun.  Go at your own risk!

It had a lot more action than expected–which was cool.  The special effects were nice–creative beasties and awesome magic.  Definitely not advertised as a swash buckling adventure, yet it is!

It had a better narrative than expected too.  Danny McBride is funny as the under achieving younger prince and James Franco is charming as the naive yet sweet, brave older prince–they are believable as siblings and volley jokes very well.   Natalie Portman is dead on as the warrior they meet on their quest and she plays it so straight and serious, that it only makes it funnier!  I even liked Rasmus Hardiker’s man-servant, Courtney.  But the stand out is Justin Theroux‘s evil Leezar–loved his wizard villain!

Well, again–if you know what you are getting into…you will probably laugh and say it wasn’t a bad way to spend an hour and a half.