Green Lantern misses the mark–what a shame!

Yeah! I love comic book movies…they can be just a fun time (Thor) and/or once in a while, they can transcend their own genre, into greatness (Dark Knight).  Green Lantern fails to do either of these things.  It could have a been a good ol’ time but it did not know what kind of movie it wanted to be…serious and poignant or funny and casual.  Why not try for a balance?  I have no idea. 

They had potential, which is why it is a shame.  Ryan Reynolds is capable and likeable.  I love most of  his work–especially last year’s Buried–and thought he was a good choice to play Hal Jordan.  Yet, he was not given direction on how to play Jordan and so it feels almost schizophrenic. 

The plot is too simple and they do not spend anytime developing…anything.  Everything feels rushed! I swear they spend 5 minutes–tops!–on his “training” with possibly two of the most interesting characters and then…poof! on to the next scene.  It does not help that the world is full of characters that are flat and uninteresting. 

Now a movie like this could be saved, ironically enough, by its villain.  A phenomenal villain can save any movie.  And again, they just missed it.  Peter Sarsgaard is more than able and we saw glimpses of his evilness but, again–not enough time is spent and we end up with  nothing but some smoke-blob named Parallax.  -_-

Too sad.

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Who is nediunedited? A lover of cinema since the age of seven! All kinds–all genres. Films (TV and Books, too) have shaped my life–they were my escape, my inspiration and even my first role models. I do not rate my films in the traditional sense (no stars, grades, etc.)–instead I give you my opinion and my take on it–I do not give traditional plot summaries either, because I want you to go in clear–ready for your own experience. There is nothing better than discovering a fine film, without any other influence. (Personally, when I want to really see something I practice media shut out–I refuse to watch too many trailers, viral promos, reviews, etc–I have been known to cover my eyes and ears in the theater during trailers–LALALALA!) That’s me–hope you come by and visit! I will definitely make the rounds and find some of you out there, too.

3 thoughts on “Green Lantern misses the mark–what a shame!

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