The Woman in Black goes for old school bumps in the night…

In a time where most horror films go for the gore and violence, The Woman in Black instead chooses to use atmosphere and old-fashioned chills to try to scare you and it works pretty well, mainly because Daniel Radcliffe is all grown up and able to carry this ghost story on his own. 

I will admit that at first there were a few jokes…”Mum, look! It’s Harry Potter!” and “Hello, my name is Aberforth Dumbledore (when Ciarán Hinds appeared).”  But within 15 minutes we are in director James Watkins‘ world and we forget about Harry Potter–that is impressive on its own because we have watched Radcliffe grow up before us as the iconic Potter, but Radcliffe has become a very good actor and we believe him as the sad and desperate Arthur Kipps.

Kipps is a young, widowed attorney that gets sent to finish up the estate of a recently deceased woman and of course, all sorts of supernatural things begin to happen.  The film takes its time to create tension and increase the “spook factor”.  Radcliffe does an excellent job of portraying the different levels of fear, from first being startled to disbelief and denial, to feeling nervous and finally terrified–he is able to convey all of that silently–not too shabby for the chosen one. 🙂 

Although the story is a straight forward, typical ghost story–it still works. It may not keep you awake at night, but at the moment you will become invested, you will experience a few jumps and enjoy the ride. 


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