I think I broke something…


Really.  At a later date I may share with you all my extreme level of broken-ness (I was born with cracks in my mold :D)  But now, I must have injured my arm–still not 100% how!  I can barely move it (it has been normal to swollen to OMG swollen to now normal-looking again).  Of course, it has to be my right arm, so it is difficult to do much of anything–especially type.  I have set a doctor’s appointment and hopefully it will not be too serious.

In the mean time excuse my lack of posts.  I shall return with several reviews: Carnage–Extremely Loud…–We Bought a Zoo–etc, etc.  And The Avengers! Woo hoo!

Thanks for keeping up with my site–I appreciate all of you!

I’ll be back.