Brave is gorgeously told fairy tale! And the short La Luna is amazing!

You may have heard some rumblings. Whispers that Brave does not live up to the high standard set by Pixar. Poppycock! That’s what I say to that. I loved this entry into fairy tale territory and their first princess, is a headstrong, opinionated firecracker, who is not looking for a prince. Excellent! And the bravery they end up addressing delves deeper than just mere adventure and danger. It was funny and heartfelt. I do not about you, but that resonates as a solid Pixar film to me. (As recently discussed at Fog’s Movie Reviews, it may not rank as high as other Pixar Classics, but it is still a worthy addition to the company’s amazing filmography.)

Brave is also carrying many firsts.  It is the Pixar’s first fairy tale and princess movie and it is smartly set in 10th century Scotland. This allows for some unbelievably beautiful scenery. Actually, a bit of trivia is that to make Brave changes (for the first time in over 20 years) had to be made to the studio’s software (to create the complex visuals) and it reaches some incredible realistic heights.

Also, this was the first with a female director in the mix, Brenda Chapman ( with co directors Mark Andrews and Steve Purcell).   I think having Chapman on the team helped since this was the first time the story focused on a female lead.  There were very strong female themes that were explored and I am sure having a woman on board made it easier to be truthful to the feminine perspective.   As someone who appreciates strong women on-screen it was nice to see Pixar put there spin on it and hit the mark.

I will add that the narrative surprised me.  It was NOT what I was expecting given the trailers.  How awesome is that?  And although simple and straightforward it is told in an engaging fashion, full of love and a bit of magic. It made me laugh and it made me tear up (no spillover :D).  All the voice talent is spot on–especially Kelly Macdonald and Emma Thompson as the mother/daughter team.  I can not too much more for those who have yet to see it.  Go ahead.  Ignore the naysayers.  Pixar had there miss already with Cars 2 :).  I think you will come out happy you gave it a chance.

Another reason to go see it is for the new short that plays beforehand.  La Luna!  WOW!  It is absolutely lovely and kind of magical.

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Who is nediunedited? A lover of cinema since the age of seven! All kinds–all genres. Films (TV and Books, too) have shaped my life–they were my escape, my inspiration and even my first role models. I do not rate my films in the traditional sense (no stars, grades, etc.)–instead I give you my opinion and my take on it–I do not give traditional plot summaries either, because I want you to go in clear–ready for your own experience. There is nothing better than discovering a fine film, without any other influence. (Personally, when I want to really see something I practice media shut out–I refuse to watch too many trailers, viral promos, reviews, etc–I have been known to cover my eyes and ears in the theater during trailers–LALALALA!) That’s me–hope you come by and visit! I will definitely make the rounds and find some of you out there, too.

2 thoughts on “Brave is gorgeously told fairy tale! And the short La Luna is amazing!

  1. Poppycock! LOL

    Thank you for the linkage, Nedi, appreciated. I like the linking to other articles beneath your reviews… nice touch!

    We agree here, for sure. Right down to La Luna. (Which I wonder if I’ll remember more fondly than the main movie, LOL) Even though this one isnt the next Wall E or Toy Story, its hard to imagine a better animated flick coming out this year.

  2. La Luna was awesome! Truly magical. What great characterization in such a short period of time! Brilliant. I was actually wondering…”What are they doing?” and then the last shot…AHHHH! Cool.

    I agree about Brave being a top animated film this year. The Secret World of Arrietty was beautiful (studio Ghibli strikes again) and may garner some accolades! It is a MUST see! I also enjoyed Madagascar 3 (finishing review now), too (the best of the trilogy, but more kid-centric).

    Looking forward to ParaNorman and Wreck-it-Ralph–hope they are worthy contenders.

    PS You’re welcome! I love your site! And yes, the links are a great way to meet new peeps and introduce to me as well.

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