My poor friend, Fogs over at Fogs’ Movie Reviews, is subjecting himself to cruel and unusual torture by watching the ENTIRE Twilight Saga in one day!! I feel for his pain, but he is past #3 and his live blogging of the films has been AWESOME!! Frackin’ Hilarious!
If you have some time go check it out–it is fantastic fun! Stay strong, Fogs…we are enjoying this too much. 😀

Fogs' Movie Reviews


Ok folks. Here we go. I’m about to embark on this… ridiculous stunt epic adventure.

We’re not off to a good start, I overslept by an hour or so in a show of procrastination and protest, but I’m doing it. I’m headin’ right in to start this puppy up. The next time I post here, I’ll have watched my first Twilight movie! Woot!

I did want to quickly say that although I welcome comments and discussion as always (of course), I wont be able to reply right away as I usually do. I’ll be occasionally checking them out as they come in, and circling back tomorrow to be sure I caught them all, but there’s no way I can reply as we go and still get through all five movies, plus an accompanying blog post, in one day! I’m sure you can understand.

Alright! That’s it. I’m going in! Wish me…

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