Star Trek: Into Darkness is a worthy sequel

The poster shows a flaming starship falling towards Earth, with smoke coming out. At the middle of the poster shows the title "Star Trek Into Darkness" in dark grey letters, while the production credits and the release date being at the bottom of the poster.

I enjoyed the ride, that is Star Trek: Into Darkness!  It is a rollicking good time–full of humor, action and enough Trekkie geekiness to satisfy most of us fans.  But, it is by no means perfect.  And yet, you don’t seem to mind that much because you are having such a fun time visiting with the characters and the pace is so fast and vigorous, it is over before you can process most of the slight problems.  If you enjoyed J.J. Abrams‘ 2009 reboot of the Star Trek franchise, then you will love this worthy sequel.

And this is Abram’s film, for sure.  I like JJ–really, I do (Super 8 was my favorite and loved Alias) and appreciate his talent.  He is a gifted storyteller, yet he stays true to what I call–Screenwriting 101.  Predictable and simple structure, that  relies on the use of plot devices and coincidences (remember Kirk’s 2009 exile to a remote, isolated planet that just happens to be where Scotty lives?  Yeah…stuff like that.)  Not, that he can’t be effective and entertaining, it’s just an element you must learn to accept as “his” style (that and his love for blue lens flare ;)).

The simple structure does lend itself to focus on the true theme of this installment–Kirk and Spock.  This is their bromance–continued.  STID solidifies the friendship between the Captain and his number one (mixing shows here ;)) and shows how they find the balance they each need, with the other.  And this is where the film shines.  Chris Pine seems to be born to play James T. Kirk and there is a moment that I felt, “There it is.  That IS the quintessential Kirk.”  And Zachary Quinto is the perfect Spock, who is now embracing different aspects of his nature far more rapidly than the original Spock and I love that.

And I love this cast!  The characters and the performances that bring them to life, are the real reason to watch STID.  As a fan of the franchise (hard-core ST: TNG fan and I’ve seen ALL of the 12 films), I have a special relationship with these guys and this cast is spot on!  I wish we could spend more time with each of them.  But, hey…we have action to serve up–so everyone gets their tiny moment.  Have to give shout outs to Karl Urban‘s Bones and Simon Pegg‘s Scotty for awesome comedy relief!

Now on to the villain–John Harrison (aka the worst kept secret in Hollywood ;D).  You may know (or not)–that I am totally in love with BBC’s Sherlock series and Benedict Cumberbatch.  So, I may be a bit biased, but I love his performance.  Although he played the part quiet and restrained, he also exuded danger and malice.  What a badass!  I was not disappointed.  (Abrams choices to frame shots of him dramatically did make me chuckle ;D)  It was also nice to see Peter Weller get some screen time–they did not waste his talent.

I enjoyed all the little shout outs to previous Star Trek themes and story lines but, that also provided a few predictable situations.  All I can say is that my emotional strings were not played–and unlike its predecessor I did not find myself tearing up this time around.  STID stays true to Abrams new vision and propels the narrative forward for the crew of the Enterprise–in what I hope–would be the true departure of the established Star Trek Universe  and the beginning of stories that truly “go where no man has gone before.”  I think that would be exciting and definitely lead to new, unpredictable adventures–especially with Abrams now busy with the Star Wars franchise and a new director taking over the helm–to quote my favorite captain, “Make it so.”

Star Trek Into Darkness – International Trailer (HD) – YouTube

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14 thoughts on “Star Trek: Into Darkness is a worthy sequel

  1. Great review 🙂
    And just like you, I am also bias with Benny…but then again I become fan because he is a great actor.

    I got here from Ruth’s blog because you are the only one shouting for Benny 🙂

  2. Mighty good review!

    I like your points about Abrams. I think he wants to be Spielberg Jr. He has a lot of those same nagging annoyances for me (things such as his weird affection for have children curse in his films. Spielberg always had that). But he could always make quality cinematic entertainment and so far Abrams has done that too.

  3. Glad to see you really enjoyed it Nedi. I had nitpicks along the way, but it was a rollicking summer blockbuster without a doubt.

    I’m not as high on Cumberbatch as the villain (all he did was scowl, and he was “handed” a bunch of pre-existing audeince feelings, emotions. recollections etc when he was given the role 😦 ) but he was fine for the film. I think they did a good job interjecting some thinking this time around, and there’s the obvious 9/11 allegory as well. A better film than the first one, no doubt!!

    Later! 😀

    • I am with you–it is NOT perfect–but the pacing makes you forget and eventually not care…cleverly done, Mr. Abrams…cleverly done. 😀

      And I know I am bringing lots of pre-existing love to the Cumberbatch factor 😀 So, unless he was flat out horrible, I was gonna love him. Its amazing how much that plays a part!

      Later! 🙂

  4. Best movie of the year so far for me, but I know some will be disappointed by how it’s just about the same movie as the first, with a cooler villain. Good review Nedi.

    • High praise! I will definitely agree it is one of the most fun of the year so far–I will reserve judgement for Best. 😀 I think its just as good as the first–and cooler villain always raises the notch…

      In the same genre, I am really looking forward to Elysium and Pacific Rim–those look crazy good!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Hi Nedi! Glad you enjoyed this as much as I did. This is one of those rare sequels that is as good as the first movie! I agree that “Chris Pine seems to be born to play James T. Kirk…” though for me, the star here is really Benedict by a long shot! He’s so bad ass but like u said, he’s still got that elegant swagger.

      • I don’t know why I still haven’t got around to the very last episode of Sherlock season 2 but I will soon. I wish we didn’t have to wait too long for 3rd season!

  6. I liked this film better the first time I watched it in 1982 😉

    I like the cast, the film looked great, there was plenty of action and I enjoyed myself. However, this is the sort of film that the more I think about the more gigantic plot holes and inconsistances show up. Similarly, with a whole universe at your fingertips why revisit old plot lines?

    • LOL! Yes! Side note: I just watched Side Effects (Soderbergh’s latest) and was I like…i really
      liked this movie…when it was titled Malice… -_-). 😀

      And yup. Abrams knows how to tell a good story and keeps you engaged–until you have time to process it–but it does not negate the good time had. I do hope they start wholly new adventures–it is set it up perfectly–now utilize it.

      Always a pleasure! Later!

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