A New Adventure in Blogging Begins!


Hello nediunedited people!

This is my beautiful daughter, Désirée Genevieve Taylor.  After years of misinformed and misunderstood patterns, Vieve was diagnosed with ADHD with the subtype Predominantly Inattentive (PI), which was formally known as ADD, since the Hyperactivity aspect of the disorder is missing.

Now attending her third year at Texas State University, the few skills and strategies I was able to give her (inadvertently, by the way) were no longer enough to help her overcome her deficiencies.   The fact that I have a rare neurological disorder (Hemiplegic Migraines), that was worsening for a while, did not allow me to aid her as much as I had done in the past and she started to struggle.  Spring of 2013 was rough.  But, I am glad because it led to the testing (with modifications in place for the new semester) and now the answers to so many questions.

Unfortunately, there were a lot more questions than answers when it came to her diagnosis.  The predominantly inattentive type of ADHD has only a little research documented and might be a complete, separate disorder.  Dr. Russell Barkley is one of the clinical professors  at the moment, leading the crusade to understand this quiet side of ADHD.  The name Sluggish Cognitive Tempo (SCT) is now being attached to the disorder, but again, there is not much out there about it.

This lack of information has led to my new adventure in blogging.  I am taking my search to understand this disorder, my need to find tools and skills to teach my daughter and I am going to share it on a blog.

Here it is!   Although, it is very bare bones at the moment:

The Predominantly Inattentive Life

As my energy and time can only be split up so many ways–I am going to take a hiatus from nediunedited–I know am not as prolific as some of you guys, but now I may only write a review here and there.  All my attention is going to be on finding a community of support out there for the PI subtype and sharing what I find with that community.  Maybe together we can change the ignored status of SCT.

The next few months are going to be interesting, enlightening and hard work for both my daughter and I.  And yet, we are excited and ready to delve into it.  Already, her life is different just knowing and having an explanation for how her mind works.   Vieve is intelligent and creative–up to this point in her life she has felt limited and trapped by her mental restrictions.  Not anymore.  With effort and time, she will be able to finally meet her full potential.  That is our goal.

I wanted to thank all you.  I started this blog thinking I would only be writing for myself and my daughter.  😀  Now, I have found a group of blog friends and have been lucky enough to grow a little following.  It was been so much fun to talk about movies and share my love for storytelling with you all!   I know my new blog will not be about films but you are all welcome to stop by, say hi and visit.  I promise to keep reading your posts and I will comment to say hello.  And hopefully, in a year or so–I might be back full time.

Take care everyone!  Wishing you all nothing but the best.

Later!  😉

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Merry Christmas to you all!!

What a year 2012 has been!  One thing is for sure, it has gone by too quickly and a lot has happened.

I wanted to send out Christmas wishes and good will to all of my blog-sphere friends.  Thank you all for checking out my site and contributing to my on-going love of film.  It has been a cool experience to get to know all of you and I hope it is just the beginning.

Here is one of the best speeches from one of my all time favorite Christmas movies, Scrooged!  Bill Murray is a genius.  Just sayin’…  😀

Frances Xavier Cross–Ending speech…

Merry Christmas!




Happy Halloween!!

I love Halloween!  It is my favorite holiday.  You can dress up like vampires, zombies and all sorts of cool stuff and no one looks twice.  You can eat candy.  You can commemorate the dead.  You can scare peeps.  You can watch Nightmare Before Christmas all month-long.  Etc. Etc.  Dutifully, I have passed my love and passion to my daughter and together we have had some memorable costumes.

The year we went to The Zombie Ball at the Highball was awesome.  The theme?  It’s your typical Halloween night and everyone is already dressed and BAM! Zombie Apocalypse!   So, it led to Zombified Bunny and Go-Go Girl.  Good times…good times…

The list goes on and on.  Medusa.  The elements–Fire and Earth.  Gypsies.  Vampires and Slayers. Mummy.  Yet, this year my daughter has out done herself and has impressed me.

She created a Princess Mononoke costume from scratch!  It is BADASS!  So, Badass that I had to brag and share.  😀

Check it out…


Yeah…that’s my girl!!  Did I mention she was awesome?

Happy Halloween to all and to all a good night!  Have a Ghoulishly good time.   :[   (my vampire smiley!)

What a week! Fantastic Fest 2012 did not disappoint!

Time travel.  Murderous children.  Swedish zaniness.  Sprawling epics.  Bloody deaths.  Communicable diseases.  Conspiracies.  Drugs.  Kidnapping.  Absurdist adventures.  Check.  Check.  And check.

All this is standard fare at Fantastic Fest and this year it was no different.  I chose to watch 26 films this time around from many countries and 75% of them were awesome! It was a week full of meeting geeks like me and sharing our thoughts about film and all things geeky.  That is what makes FF so cool–everyone there is like minded and you find yourself making friends easily.

Now for the movies…most of these will not have mainstream releases but you may want to keep an eye out for release on Netflix or in small indie houses.  I graded each movie and added a link to a trailer and/or description on the Fantastic Fest website.

The ABCs of Death  C

Aftershock   C

Antiviral   B

Besties   A

Come Out and Play   C

The Conspiracy   A

Dom–A Russian Family   A

Flicker   A++

Frankenweenie  A++

Fuck Up   A+

Graceland   A+

Here Comes The Devil   B

Holy Motors   A++

I Declare War  B

The King of Pigs   B

Lee’s Adventure   A

Looper    A+++  (review coming soon)

Memory of the Dead   D

No Rest for the Wicked   A

Outrage Beyond    B

Room 237   A

Secret Screening…  Cloud Atlas  A+++   (will preview soon)

Tai Chi Zero    B

Tower Block   A+

Vanishing Waves   B+

Wrong   B

Well, that was 2012!  I am already getting excited about next year–can’t wait to see what they program for 2013!  And by then Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar will have been demolished (kind of bittersweet) and then rebuilt into a new complex…yeah…it’s going to be extra awesome!






Fantastic Fest 2012!! Woohoo!

I am about to start a week of pure AWESOMENESS!  Last year was the first time I experienced Fantastic Fest and now I can not imagine missing out…ever.  Why?  Well, this is a film geek’s dream.  More accurately, a sci-fi-action-gory-strange film geek’s dream. The tagline for the event is ” A film festival with all the boring parts cut out.”  And boy, do they live up to that promise.

From the shaky face picture for our badges (mine is lovely!)–strange foreign films–cool activities–awesome parties to the hilarious icon chart (so you can know what to expect in each film), FF is NOT your ordinary film festival.  It is way too much fun!

Last year I just did one post and listed all my favorites (I will be attempting 29 movies this year–whew!) and ones to look out for.  I am probably doing the same this year, since it is too difficult to try and post each day.  It’s tiring watching movies all day and eating delicious food at the Alamo Drafthouse.  😉

I will try to post on fb (Nereida Mercado)–so if you want to friend me there you may see some updates and pictures.

Until then!

Here is the link to my tentative schedule:


Film identification icons:


Thanks Keith and The Movies for the Liebster Award 2012!

Thanks to Keith & The Movies for giving me a shout out!  So cool. I always enjoy visiting his site and find his 5 Phenomenal… series so much fun–they’re always creative and original.  I appreciate that he liked me enough to pass The Liebster Award to me.  Hope I can do it justice.  Here are the rules this time around:

  1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves.
  2. Answer the 11 questions the person giving the award has set for you.
  3. Create 11 questions for the people you will be giving the award to
  4. Choose 11 people to award and send them a link to your post.
  5. Go to their page and tell them
  6. No tag backs.

So, 11 things about me–Oh my!  Here we go…

1.  I am a film geek.  Duh!  Films make me happy.  If I am stressed, sad or sick, watching a movie makes me feel better.  Actually, anytime movie-watching makes me feel better.  I also listen to film scores (soundtracks) all the time–love them!

2.  I have an ongoing love affair with Kermit the Frog (he’s my iphone cover) and all things Muppets.

3.  Gary Oldman is my ultimate crush.  He is amazing! **deep, dreamy sigh**

4.  My lovely daughter turns 21 in September.  Time is on warp speed and I am old.

5.  Cats are awesome!  I like all critters, but cats are my favorite.  I have 3 at the moment and I will probably end up as a crazy cat lady someday. 😀

6.  I love nature and the ocean.  My full name, Nereida, is greek for sea nymphs and I believe it must be telling because the ocean is my affinity.

7.  I did not believe in fairy tale love, until I was proven wrong six years ago.  Now, I am in my own happily ever after. It does exist–who knew?

8.  I am a Law Enforcement Operator for Texas Parks and Wildlife. Never a dull moment…

9.  I am foodie. I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE food.  Dinner and a movie? Yes, please.  It is truly my favorite way to spend an evening.

10.  I have a fascination with vampires, but REAL vampires, that burn, disintegrate or explode in sunlight! (fyi..vampires DO NOT sparkle.) -_-

11.   BORIQUA!  I am Puerto Rican.  (Represent!)

And now, Keith’s questions….

1. What’s your biggest movie guilty pleasure (a movie you love so much even though you know it’s bad)?   Starship Troopers?  Reign of Fire?  Strange Days?  Oh, wait…those are AWESOME! 😀

2. What actor or actress do you vehemently dislike and why? Katherine Heigl–do I need to explain??

3. What are your thoughts on the current 3-D craze?  I do not mind if it enhances the films presentation.  Sometimes it works–UP! and Avatar–and sometimes it doesn’t–Immortals–but most of the time I will watch movies in 2-D because I do not need the extra dimension. 🙂

4. What do you think was the best decade for movies and why?  I will have to say the 1980s with the 1990s a close second.  I am a child of the 80s and the movies of that decade created the film geek I am.  Blade Runner.  Predator.  Star Wars.  E.T.  Indiana Jones.  The Thing.  Ghostbusters.  Yeah, I can on and on.  It was a decade of original, creative filmmaking that is still being copied to this day.  Yet, the 90s had stellar films as well–but based on influence I will stick with the 1980s.

5.  What the scariest movie you have ever seen?  I do not scare easily–but the Sixth Sense stayed with me.  I would get chilly and then freak myself out, when I was alone.   I think because we all feel that sometimes, the film tapped into the fear. 

6.  Have you ever walked out on a bad movie at the theater? Which one and why?  I have to finish it.  If I paid money I will stick it out.  Plus, if it sucks…I want to say I saw ALL of it and can testify to it’s suckiness.  But, I seriously considered walking out of The Ugly Truth and When in Rome. Why? I have trouble with stupidity.

7. What are your aspirations for your movie blog?   I hope that people will seek out my opinion and that it will help them to make decisions about what they should watch or read.  Storytelling is my passion and it is awesome to write about it.  Honestly, I started my blog as an outlet and the sole purpose was to have fun with it.  So far, it has been a blast.  The fact that it has grown a little is a bonus.  

8. Siskel or Ebert? Why?  Ebert.  Siskel was always a bit too technical.  Ebert judges most films according to their genre–Siskel tended to be harsher on films in genres he did not like.  Not fair. 

9. Who is the most beautiful woman or most handsome man in movies? (Heavy stuff here!)   I think Mila Kunis is gorgeous!  And as far as male beauty–no one can be as pretty as Johnny Depp.  

10. Do you have any weird movie novelties or collectibles? If so, what are they?  Nope.  We collect film posters and I have a few muppets hanging around my house but, nothing weird.   

11.  Name three other movie blogs that you love to keep up with.  I have a few that I enjoy, but I can only pick 3? Okay.  3guys1movie–Fog’s Movie Reviews–and Keith & The Movies 

Now for my questions…

1.  What movie have you watched over and over?

2.  Who is your ultimate actor/actress crush?

3.  Which film trilogy do you consider to be perfect?

4.  What novel would you love to see made into a film?

5.  What actor/actress do you consider to be overrated?

6.  What famous/classic film have you never seen?

7.  Seinfeld or Friends?  Trust me, it says much about you. 🙂 (I am Seinfeld all the way…)

8.  Name your favorite Super Hero and what super power would you want to have?

9.  Name your favorite muppet.  You have to have one–right?

10.  Vampires?  Yes or No.  If yes, what is your favorite film?

11.  If made into a movie…your life would fit under what genre?  Comedy? Action? Indie? etc…

Well, I think almost all the blogs I know have been given the Liebster Award and I am a bit behind responding–so if you check this out and want to take part–go right on ahead!  I recommend any blog that is following me!  You’re all pretty cool! 😀

RIP Tony Scott–Thanks for all the awesome entertainment!








So sad.  It is truly tragic.  Famed film producer/director, Tony Scott, took his own life yesterday.  My heart goes out to his family and friends.  Why he chose to end his time here on earth, is not for me to speculate.  I will only say that we have lost a great talent.

I am grateful for the films and the legacy he has left.  Two of my all time favorites–True Romance and Man on Fire–will be cherished always.  Unlike his older brother, Ridley Scott, Tony had a hyper, kinetic style that was fun and exuberant, but nonetheless beautifully crafted and executed.

He will be missed.

Found this cool video–Scott in his own words…

The year I made contact–1970

When fellow blogger and movie guy, The Movie Waffler , asked me to take part in a “year you were born” blogathon I thought…hmmm…cool–1970, I will have to investigate. I was pleasantly surprised that my birth year was full of thought-provoking films–mostly about war and its affect on humanity.  It is interesting to see what the world of cinema was putting out when I was just a wee babe.

Okay, here we go…1970.  If you read my blog, you know I am bit eccentric and my taste varies in different genres so my picks may not be the standard or expected.  I’ve chosen my 5 favorites (that I honestly did not realize were released in 1970):

5. Kelly’s Heroes

A comedy about war, that is a heist as well? Yes!  Clint Eastwood and the entire cast is awesome.  I love how it is not what you expect–it will make you laugh and yet, it will make you think about how war affects people.

4.  Little Big Man

One of Dustin Hoffman‘s great roles.  This one is a bundle–a satire that addresses some very serious issues.  It was the first western that labeled the “white men” as the villains instead of the Native Americans–and it does it with a wink and smile.  Clever.

3. The Aristocats

The Aristocats

Oh yeah…swinging cats and some cool jazz music.  My daughter LOVED this film–would go around the house singing…”Everybody–everybody! Everybody wants to be a cat!”  Indeed.

2.  Five Easy Pieces

I love this performance by Jack Nicholson!  He is in his prime here.  The diner scene alone is worth the watch.  This is a fine example of a narrative that reveals itself slowly and is a true character study.  Classic.

1.  M.A.S.H.

This was close with Five Easy Pieces–but this film is BRILLIANT!  A true dark comedy–will make you laugh, cry and cringe.  This is Robert Altman‘s masterpiece (in my opinion).

There you go!  Five films created and released into the world the same year I was.  Not too shabby…the films and myself.  We have all stood the test of time.  Nice.

Thank you, Nora Ephron. You voice will be missed…

1941 –  June 26, 2012

I am not a romantic. Not in the purest sense of the word. But underneath my cynicism there was a bit of hope.  That hope was given to me by Nora Ephron.

The first time I watched When Harry Met SallyI was 18 years old and already a “realist” when it came to romantic love.  This film spoke to many of my forming ideas and made me think, laugh and cry. Maybe love was real.  Not only real, but plausible.  Why? Because Harry and Sally were flawed and neurotic and they found each other. Therefore, I may have a chance and she was right–I did find love.

To this day, it is one of my favorite movies of all time.  I quote it regularly and find comfort watching it.  For me, it set the standard for what romantic comedies should be–smart, witty and based on some sort of reality and I still enjoy the ones that follow the pattern more than the others.

(I also blame her for my intense crush on Tom Hanks.  Sleepless in Seattle made me want to marry him. 😀  And most recently, Julie and Julia made me want to learn how to cook french food–à la Julia Child.)

Ms. Ephron had a unique voice.  She created characters that felt like real people–people we could relate to–people we knew–or people we would like to know.  Her wit and strength were clear in every word she wrote, whether it was for a novel, essay, blog or a film.

Better than my words, check out this wonderful tribute reel at The Huffington Post.  They collected some great videos celebrating Ephron’s life and spirit.  If you are not familiar with her work now is the time to check out the legacy she has left for generations to enjoy.

Rest in peace and again, thank you.  Thank you for all the laughs and the forever memories.


Summer Road Trip of 2012!!

WOOHOO! I am about to embark on a 2 week road trip vacation and I am very excited!  My last road trip to California to drive down the Big Sur, for my daughter’s HS graduation, was a huge success and now my man-friend and I are taking a southern state tour.  We plan to eat awesome food, lay on white-sand beaches, stop by and visit Hogwarts and end with a couple of days in the Big Easy.  I predict good times.

We begin with a one night stay in New Orleans, then Pensacola Beach and the Gulf Islands National Seashore–with a timely Pirate Day Festival at Fort Walton Beach.  ARG!!

Onward to Orlando Universal Studios to enjoy The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (Disney World happened a few years ago and was amazing)–we’re very stoked.  Butter beer? Yes, please.

Then some amazing food (The Lady and Sons–here we come!) and a Ghost Tour in Savannah, GA, followed by a day in the charming Charleston, SC.  A few days visiting the famous Myrtle Beach seashore (although I hear it is a tourist zoo–but we plan to visit the Seafood Capital in the South, Murrell’s Inlet for some get-away-from-the-tourist time and some fresh crab).

We see an old friend in Raleigh/Durham (possible baseball game) and then drive down for an overnight stay in Atlanta, GA.  Finally, we spend sometime enjoying some of the best food in the US in New Orleans–as well as visit some cemeteries, eat some Po Boys and such.  😀

Yes, it sounds awesome!

Of course, it is obvious that I will be unable to blog much–although we do plan to watch Snow White and the Huntsman and Prometheus on the road (I know…we are hard-core! :)) but not sure if I will review them until after my return.  We’ll see…

If you want to follow my adventures with photos and updates, you are welcome to friend me on facebook–Nereida Mercado–http://www.facebook.com/nereida.mercado.5 –I would love to share it with you guys!

Happy Summer of 2012!