The Adventures of Tintin is pure FUN & awesomely Spielberg!

Steven Spielberg is a genius–in my opinion–and is one of the few directors that can make important, serious films and pure escapism-popcorn movies.  Tintin is one of the latter and it is 100% fun and 100% Spielberg!  Pairing with Peter Jackson (both huge fans of the Tintin comics and planning a trilogy) and delving into motion capture technology is a win-win situation for the audience. 

The main attraction here is the flawless execution of the motion capture technology and how it allows Spielberg to express his creativity.  We see his imagination materialize and it’s awesome.  There were several “wow, that’s so cool” moments.  The action will have you on the edge of your seat.  There is a 6 minute sequence with no edits or cut aways that is well…genius. 

I am a Tintin novice.  I have never read the comics and you do not need to.  I enjoyed the hell out of this movie without any reference.  It’s like a cross between Indiana Jones and the Hardy Boys.   It helps that the voice talent is brilliant.  I know all the performers and they were unrecognizable–that’s how much they were in character.  Andy Serkis–again, steals the show.  His Captain Haddock is fantastic!

I can go on and on.  But the short of it is this–The Adventures of Tintin has easily made my Top 10 list for the year! I can not wait for what Peter Jackson does with the next installment!


Rise of the Planet of the Apes is excellent! Re-boot? INDEED!

"Rise of the Planet of the Apes Poster"

First, let me say that Andy Serkis deserves an Oscar for his performance as Caesar–it is simply…WOW! (I hope they will find a way to acknowledge him–maybe a “special” award).  Serkis continues his phenomenal motion capture work with WETA Digital, who are at the top of their game.  Together they’ve created one of the best films of the summer. 

I grew up watching The Planet of the Apes series (thank you, Thanksgiving television marathons), but the first one was the only one I really liked–it is a classic.  Like most movie franchises, the subsequent sequels never did measure up.  So, I was a little nervous to hear about the re-boot idea–especially since Tim Burton’s fiasco 10 years ago–which then, I was looking forward to (what a shame that was!). 

But, the new preview piqued my interest.  I was getting hopeful.  This could work.  And yet I was still not ready for how good Rise of the Planet of the Apes turned out to be.  The preview, wonderfully, keeps the real movie a secret, so you get to discover it while viewing. 

What surprised me the most was how much heart the film has.  The right amount of time is spent developing the characters and relationships and it never feels rushed.  Director Rupert Wyatt deftly blends the drama with the action and James Franco gives a solid performance as Will Rodman.  But as I stated above, the stars here are Andy Serkis and WETA.   It has to be seen for you to understand the level of awesomeness I am talking about.  AMAZING!

At the end, I wanted to see more.  I did not want to leave the universe they created.  And now, I can’t help it, I will be VERY excited to see what happens next.  Bring on the sequel!