Pitch Perfect is a throwback to the 80s and lots of fun!

I was not interested in Pitch Perfect.  But, my daughter went to see it twice and was telling me it was loads of fun and a good time.  So, I went.  And she was right.  It reminded me of those 80s movies that are light on substance yet, heavy on charm.

The credit has to go to writer Kay Cannon, who has created some realistic and quirky characters and to Broadway director Jason Moore, (making his film début here), who made wise choices by keeping the pacing fast and the tone light.  You are never bored and find yourself laughing out loud at some of the silly shenanigans.

It helps that the cast is pretty cool.  Rebel Wilson is going to become a force to reckon with if she continues her scene-stealing ways and Anna Kendrick is as lovely as ever (and who knew she could sing!).  A fresh face, that I liked a lot was Hana Mae Lee (Lilly)–who has a very funny voice “handicap” and milks it throughout.

Sometimes I like to go and watch what I call “light and fluffy” movies.  These films are like cotton candy, while you are eating the melt-in-your-mouth goodness, you do not care that you are consuming pure crystallized sugar–full of empty calories that is guaranteed to give you a painful sugar crash.  Why? Because it is delicious and fun to eat.

That is Pitch Perfect.  Cotton candy, without the painful sugar crash–just fun.  😀