Like Crazy is a fresh approach to the typical romantic drama–how nice!

Like Crazy is refreshing.  It is a simple, quietly told love story.  No Hollywood tricks here.  Just a narrative that follows two young people as they fall in love and struggle with finding their place.  But, it would not work as well if it wasn’t for the strong performances by Felicity Jones and Anton Yelchin–both up and coming talent that get a chance to shine here.

I am not a sucker for romance.  Actually, I hate the predictable, formula romances–comedy and/or drama.  I find them frustrating and unoriginal.  Girl meets boy in some kind of “meet cute“–they have a new love montage–they encounter a problem and/or secret–they fight–they break up–and then they make up and live happily ever after.  BORING!   For that reason, most of my favorite romantic movies tend to end with death. 🙂  What can I say?  It’s realistic!  (I do like happy endings–but it has to stem from a realistic source.)

That said, writer/director Drake Doremus has taken a very real approach.  So real that he gave Jones and Yelchin an outline and basic plot points and allowed them to improvise their scenes together.  It works.  You feel like your watching two real people discover each other.  My favorite parts are when they say nothing–you can feel their chemistry and if you have ever been in love–you remember that feeling.  The direction tends to be full of montages and borders on cliché at times, but what saves this from tipping into eye rolling territory are the wonderful, strong performances by Jones and Yelchin. 

Felicity Jones garnered a lot of attention earlier (festival circuit) and I think she was snubbed by Oscar.  She is lovely.  Her Anna is Intelligent, determined and hopelessly in love.  Anton Yelchin continues to impress me.  I like this kid.  He has this every man charm, but with something going on behind his eyes.  His Jacob is the weaker of the two–torn, but also afraid of this powerful emotion.  Together they are sweet and tragic–able to convey all the emotions that being in love can evoke.

Like Crazy is the film for you if you enjoy a good love story–even if it is realistic. 

p.s. No one dies.  ;D

The new Fright Night is a rare remake-it’s actually GOOD!!

Whoa! I actually LOVED a remake?! This is rare indeed.  But I could not help it.  The 2011 Fright Night is everything the original was–campy, funny, gory–yet it’s also more–much more and all for the better.  More camp.  More funny.  More gore. And this time they added character development and an emotional component that was missing from the first.  Well done.

The 1985 Fright Night is a cult classic.  It successfully blended humor and horror and created a new, unique version of vampires. I loved it!  Chris Sarandon was perfect as the vampire Jerry Dandridge–sexy, confident and evil.  That was my biggest fear–who could match that?  Colin Farrell, that’s who.  Farrell is having a blast and it shows. He plays Jerry with relish and intensity–while still infusing him with creepy sexiness and pure evil.

A nice change is the deeper connection to our hero Charley Brewster and that is due in part to Anton Yelchin.  Yelchin plays Brewster as a “dweeb” who recently became cool–mostly because of his new hot girlfriend Amy (Imogen Poots) and now is confronted with this ultimate dweeb reality of a vampire living next door.  He is perfect.  And they did an excellent job of creating real relationships around him–with smart reactions to his behavior.

The best update is David Tennant ‘s Peter Vincent! Wow!  He is absolutely fantastic! (New major crush.)  Still cowardly and reluctant, but now with Vegas style–it is truly hilarious.

Well, you all know I love vampires and here they’re just like I love them–afraid of sunlight! 🙂   There are some truly badass moments and a great final battle.

So if you are a fan of the original–you will not be disappointed–instead you may find it even more satisfying.  Enjoy!