Compilation Post: Catching up at home…

Recently I have tried to catch up on several films that I missed at the theater and they are stacking up–so again, I resort to another compilation post.  I was actually disappointed in most, so this should be quick.  😀

Arthur Christmas

I LOVED IT!!  Why didn’t I see this last year?  I do not know, but I missed out.  I am a huge fan of Aardman Studios and they do not disappoint.  This is an original take on Santa and the North Pole with a wonderful, heartfelt story in the center.  It has quickly become a new traditional Christmas film to watch every year!   The voice talent is awesome and you will find yourself laughing and tearing up a bit.  This was the treasure in the bunch!


Sound of My Voice

I was very excited about this one!  I loved Brit Marling‘s Another Earth and thought the premise was very creative and intriguing.  Well I loved 95% of this film–all the way up to the last 3 minutes!! What a bummer.  Not many films can ruin an entire narrative in the closing moments…but SOMV does it.  I can not even like the rest of it because the ending is SO unsatisfying.  I am truly getting tired of indie films constant use of ambiguous endings.  Guess what guys?  It is not creative and inventive…it is LAZY screenwriting!  A good story should have a good ENDING!  Geez.  **Deep sigh**


Your Sister’s Sister

Another one I was looking forward to–I am a big fan of Emily Blunt and Mark Duplass–and although this one was not as frustrating (still had the “leave you hanging” ending **eye roll**) as SOMV, it just did not quite capture me.  I did not really care for any of these characters and when you do not care it is not all that interesting.  I enjoyed the chemistry between Blunt and Rosemarie DeWitt, as sisters, but overall it rates a “meh”.



BOO!! This was soooo bad!  This was a total waste of talent–all the way around!  Oliver Stone has lost his touch.   Avoid this trash.  It does not even merit any more of my words.




**Deep sigh**  Again.  I have to really think hard to remember this film.  Yup.  It is forgettable.  And you would think with this amazing cast that would not be the case.  Well, we were wrong.   Yes, there are fine performances, but nothing works here.  The characters are shallow and no one has any chemistry with each other–the narrative  just seems to wander and even the action is lackluster.  The ending?  Dumb. Oh, well.


That’s it.  Told you it would be quick.  Pretty disappointing set of films, but right now I am in the middle of my annual Christmas viewings and having a jolly good time.  Thinking I might put up a post with a list of all my seasonal favorites…that would be fun!   Happy Holidays!


It has been a long time…

                                                                                                                                                                                             Sorry! It’s been almost 2 months from my last post and a lot has happened–from a crazy 2 job schedule–the holidays–and the recent passing of my beloved kitty, Missy–to say I was little preoccupied and distracted would be an understatement. 

In fact, I have NOT seen many of the releases of the past two months–even ones I would normally watch just because I was curious or semi-interested–like In TimeImmortals and Arthur Christmas.  And some movies I really wanted to see like Moneyball, The Rum Diary and J.Edgar just came and went before I could find the time. 

I did make time for a few–I will be writing about some of the special ones (The Muppets and Puss in Boots) but I was pretty much unimpressed with the lot that I did see:

The Thing (2011) was disappointing–loved the John Carpenter 80s version–and I had hope for this prequel concept…yet it was an epic FAIL.

The Three Musketeers was so bad it was hilarious.

The indie darling Martha Marcy May Marlene left me wanting.  It had a strong cast–I could understand the spotlight Elizabeth Olsen is receiving–a star is, indeed, born–and John Hawkes continues to impress–but the story, to me, felt recycled and superficial. 

Cedar Rapids was actually much better than I expected.  The trailer made it look crazed and over-the-top, but it was not.  It was charming, funny and had some heart.  And, again John C. Reilly ROCKS!

Margin Call is a small movie that has gotten some indie praise, that I was not a 100 % taken with.  It has a super talented cast–incredible performers that are not given enough to work with and the plot drags.  My real issue is that there is no real climax–actually it’s a bit anti-climatic.  Wall Street 2 did a much better job of addresses this concept in a shorter amount of time–so, you may want to check that one out!

 So, I am back.  In time for the award season and ready to get back in the grove.  I will also be trying to catch up with book and TV reviews–I will do my best–thanks for your support and the time you take to read my thoughts and opinions! 

Hope all is well on your side of the world and Happy Holidays! 🙂