Brad Bird solidifies his awesomeness with MI:Ghost Protocol!!


Why focus on Brad Bird? Well, because it’s his vision that makes Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol one of the best executed action films in a long time.  This does not surprise me.  Bird is a visionary director–his films (all animated) are some of my all time favorites!  And with Ghost Protocol he makes a smooth transition to live action and–to me–has made the best film in the MI franchise.  It is an exciting, taunt thrill ride that will leave you breathless by the end. 

The action is the star here, but the genius is that every action sequence propels the narrative.  Bird is able to keep it tight and the pace brisk.  There is nothing superfluous–every frame has purpose.  And yet, there is heart and vulnerability–you care about these characters–the action serves to highlight not to overwhelm.  Brilliant!!  (side note: now I am anxious and hope that Andrew Stanton (another fav animator) will do as brilliantly with John Carter–fingers crossed)

The cast is pitch perfect.  And I love that Tom Cruise‘s Ethan Hunt is not center stage!  (Although Tom is in full action star mode– it works better because he is significantly toned down–believable.)  Simon Pegg is always delightful and adds the perfect dose of comic relief.  Jeremy Renner continues to make me crush on him! WOW!  And last, but not least is Paula Patton who is fantastic!  This, truly is a TEAM and they work together to make this succeed. 

So, obviously I loved it!  If you can watch it on the IMAX format–treat yourself–it is incredible!  The tower sequence alone will take your breath away and have you feeling that vertigo! (The audience applauded after–yeah, it was that good!)

The Holiday season is off to a good start!  Let’s see how the others fare…

PS  Wanted to add this great bit…