Captain America is the cat’s meow!

YES!!  They got this right!  Captain America The First Avenger is awesome! Everything works.  The cast is perfect.  The action is cool.  The 1940s setting is sweet. And best of all, it has heart.  I cared for every character.  I was invested 100%.  I love when that happens. 

Let’s start with Chris Evans–he IS Steve Rogers.  He plays him with stubbornness, vulnerability and amazing courage.  There were several moments that were emotionally raw and it was wonderful.   The supporting cast couldn’t have been better–Tommy Lee Jones, Stanley Tucci, Hayley Atwell, the Howling Commandos, Stark’s Dad–all great! 

Now, you know how I feel about villains–well, Hugo Weaving is brilliant! He plays Johann Schmidt/Red Skull masterfully.  Intense, proud and a bit mad.  Let me not forget Toby Jones as Schmidt’s sidekick, Dr. Zola–again, perfect! 

I loved that the fights were all based on reality–he has super human strength, yet all his actions are based on real movements.  And all the “toys” and weapons look like they belong in that time period, as well as his outfit–nice details.  I know I am gushing–but it is pretty damn cool. 

I laughed.  I cringed.  I hooted.  And I even cried.  I call that a full movie experience.  And now I want to see it again…