To Love a Missy Cat

Eight years ago I walked into Kitten Rescue ready to meet the 2 week old kittens I had  selected.  I had seen their pictures and they were perfect.  One was a male, dark tabby with beautiful markings and the other was a female, black & white ball of fluff.  Little did I know, that on that day I would meet my kitty soul mate–their mother, Missy. 

I still remember how skinny and frail she appeared.  A unique tri colored tabby with the most interesting patterns I had ever seen.  I still remember how she immediately came to me and starting kissing (licking) and following me around.  (Two behaviors she would never stop doing.)   My heart melted and when I heard her story, my heart ached her. 

Missy was found on the coldest night of that year  with 4 kittens.  One was found frozen and obviously killed by another critter–one was dead but Missy was still carrying him around and grooming him.  Only 2 had survived–the 2 I had chosen.   Her loving and caring  maternal instincts towards all the kittens in the rescue gave her the name of “the Mrs.” which turned into Missy.  I could not leave her behind.  She had stolen my heart. 

 Three weeks later I brought home 3 cats.  It was unexpected yet wonderful.  We were able to see Missy teach her son, Tuzigoot and her daughter, Akira how to be cats.  From meowing to hunting.  Missy was patient with her children and it paid off.  It was amazing to watch her.

Within months, Missy had adopted us too.  She would groom us and teach us how to play new games.  She was my shadow–following me everywhere.  I could feel her gratefulness.  Missy knew what it was like to suffer and now she had found safety and happiness.  And it was expressed in the most soulful, love stares ever.  I always compared it to the famous Puss in Boots stare–big, round and “awww” inducing. 

Over the years, Missy was ever-present.  She had attitude and personality.  The alpha cat–she made sure the other cats (which number grew to 5) knew their place.  One of her unique traits was her ability to eat anything!  And I mean ANYTHING!   It became a game to see what she wouldn’t eat–which wasn’t much.  (She loved weird things like prunes and corn!)  Not so cute traits?  Her love of chewing cables and shredding/eating paper.  There were many angry call outs of her name–homework or important papers destroyed and many expensive cables “killed” by her.  🙂

Through sickness, divorce and many changes–she was my constant.  My ever steady companion.  I would share my thoughts and my tears with her.  Missy would comfort my spirit, with her kisses and cuddles.  The sweetest kitty EVER.  Anyone who met her, loved her.  Missy was everyone’s favorite. 

A few months ago Missy lost her fight with cancer.  I knew instinctively that she was sick.  As crazy as it may sound–I knew she was dying.  And for a month we tried to do all we could, but there was only one choice.  I am fortunate to have a fantastic vet and Missy was able to be home when she went to sleep.  Her passing has left a void in our lives.  All of us–her children and her humans–are forever changed.  I miss her terribly.  We all do.  I now live with two very different cats–at times I can feel their sadness and I am sure they feel mine. 

It is incredible how much an animal can affect our very existence.  They give us so much and ask for so little in return.  I have received so much support during this difficult time and many times I have heard how lucky Missy was to have found me–how I rescued her.  The fact is I am the lucky one and she rescued me many times over! 

Thank you, Missy Cat!  I will love you forever!  I know you are surrounded by cables, paper and all the human food you can consume!!  Until we meet again, on the Rainbow Bridge