Merry Christmas to you all!!

What a year 2012 has been!  One thing is for sure, it has gone by too quickly and a lot has happened.

I wanted to send out Christmas wishes and good will to all of my blog-sphere friends.  Thank you all for checking out my site and contributing to my on-going love of film.  It has been a cool experience to get to know all of you and I hope it is just the beginning.

Here is one of the best speeches from one of my all time favorite Christmas movies, Scrooged!  Bill Murray is a genius.  Just sayin’…  😀

Frances Xavier Cross–Ending speech…

Merry Christmas!




Happy Halloween!!

I love Halloween!  It is my favorite holiday.  You can dress up like vampires, zombies and all sorts of cool stuff and no one looks twice.  You can eat candy.  You can commemorate the dead.  You can scare peeps.  You can watch Nightmare Before Christmas all month-long.  Etc. Etc.  Dutifully, I have passed my love and passion to my daughter and together we have had some memorable costumes.

The year we went to The Zombie Ball at the Highball was awesome.  The theme?  It’s your typical Halloween night and everyone is already dressed and BAM! Zombie Apocalypse!   So, it led to Zombified Bunny and Go-Go Girl.  Good times…good times…

The list goes on and on.  Medusa.  The elements–Fire and Earth.  Gypsies.  Vampires and Slayers. Mummy.  Yet, this year my daughter has out done herself and has impressed me.

She created a Princess Mononoke costume from scratch!  It is BADASS!  So, Badass that I had to brag and share.  😀

Check it out…


Yeah…that’s my girl!!  Did I mention she was awesome?

Happy Halloween to all and to all a good night!  Have a Ghoulishly good time.   :[   (my vampire smiley!)