Ruby Sparks–A wonderful Rom-Com, that you’ve never heard of…

A block of text with a blank space forming the outline of a woman. A man carrying a woman over his shoulder.

Ruby Sparks has everything I want in a Romantic Comedy–creativity, originality and realism–all the while being funny, romantic and clever.  It’s a tall order, I know, but Ruby Sparks meets it and exceeds.

The biggest credit must be given to screenwriter and star Zoe Kazan (I am truly impressed with her–will keep an eye on her star :)).  What she brings to the screen is a unique, interesting look at falling in love with the “idea” of someone and all the expectations we place on others.   It’s layered beautifully with all the assumptions we place on “love” and how they’re bound to fall short and disappoint.  The directing duo that brought us the wonderful Little Miss Sunshine, Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris are the perfect match for this quirky love story and allow the characters to evolve organically.

Kazan stars as the principal Ruby Sparks and is charming and wonderfully funny.  Paul Dano fits the socially awkward “genius” of a writer, Calvin Weir-Fields, perfectly and together they have great chemistry (as they should since they are a real couple).   One of my “on the rise” actors is awesome in this, too–Chris Messina, (as the skeptical brother).  There is also so brief appearance by Annette Bening and Antonio Banderas, which is pretty fun.

As you all know–I do not want to give too much away…so, if you like your rom-com to be intelligent and thought-provoking, Ruby Sparks is the film for you.  It is still sweet and romantic, but the edge is what I love the most.  Well done, Ms. Kazan–well done, indeed.

Ruby Sparks Trailer