My Tom Hanks crush only intensifies after watching Larry Crowne

Those who know me, know that I will marry Tom Hanks in an instant!  He is awesome! Funny, intelligent, warm, gentle, and…just plain wonderful!  So, maybe I am not objective enough to say anything bad about Larry Crowne, but I can’t see how I could.  But I know some will not love it.  Why?  Because it is NOT a typical Hollywood movie. 

Directed by Hanks and written by Hanks and the lovely Nia Vardalos, it is a simple story told without the usual Hollywood trimmings.  No sex, no drugs, no brooding teenagers, no robots or vampires and not even an ounce of violence.  What it does have is hope and optimism.  No wonder it is getting mixed reviews! 

I loved all the characters introduced in this quiet little universe.  They were real.  (I even liked Julia Roberts, who most of the time I tolerate but never like.) The film takes its time.  You are an observer granted access to this man’s life, which at times could make you laugh and/or cry.

And it all comes down to Tom Hanks.  He is believable, funny and perfect as an average joe who is fired from his job and is forced to rebuild his life.  Today any of us can be in Larry Crowne’s situation, if only we could all respond with the dignity and determination he does, maybe then we will be alright.