Men in Black are cool again! Bravo MIB3!

I’ve missed you, Men in Black.  I had forgotten how much I liked this universe.  I had forgotten how great Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are together.  I had forgotten many things, but MIB3 pleasantly reminded me and what a blast!  The concept was brilliant.  F/X and aliens were seamless.  And the addition of Josh Brolin and Emma Thompson was a stroke of genius.  Bravo!

I loved the 1997 Men in Black.  It was original, funny and pretty badass.  I still can recall and quote from that movie.  MIB2?  Not so much.  Honestly, I had to go back and read the summary to even remember what it was about.  So, I was so-so about the third installment.  The franchise was dead.  But, lo and behold!  They did it.  Barry Sonnenfeld was able to bring back the magic and breathe new life into MIB world.

Why did it work?  Mainly because they went back to what worked in the first one–story and characters.  By shining the spotlight on the characters relationships you are able to enjoy all the F/X craziness around it.  The time travel bit worked perfectly and allowed for new possibilities and plenty of fun moments.  Major shout out must be given to Josh Brolin.  Brolin not only nails Mr. Jones voice and mannerisms, he is also able to duplicate the wonderful chemistry with Smith.  It is truly a pleasure to watch.  (And Mr. Smith still has it! His charm is on full display here.)

I enjoyed this more than I expected and want to watch it again.  I am sure that I will not have to read a summary to remember this one!