Is there such a thing as too much Cpt Jack Sparrow? Sadly, yes.

A bearded man with long hair stands on a beach. He wears a red bandanna, a dark blue vest with a white shirt underneath and black pants, and attached to his belt are two guns and a scarf. A ship with flaming sails is approaching from the sea. On the background, three mermaids are sitting on a rock. The names of the main actors are seen atop the poster, and the film credits are at the bottom.

Those were words I never–ever thought I would say.  EVER.  I love Captain Jack Sparrow.  One of the most original, creative and dare I say, brilliant characters ever created.   I am with the few who actually enjoyed the entire trilogy of Pirates–and so, to say that I was excited about Pirates 4, would be an understatement.  More Jack Sparrow! YES!  But, then I watched it.

First, let me start by saying I am more disappointed than disgusted.  I would not use the word hate or horrible, instead I will use sad and unremarkable.  I was expecting a riotous, jolly good time and honestly, I was a little bored half way through.  *GASP*   I turned to Matt and said, “I should be a little more interested and excited than I am.”   And I can say I was NEVER bored with the other Pirates.

I think the biggest problem is the lack of a protagonist.  We actually need a Wil Turner and an Elizabeth Swan.  See, Jack is not supposed to be the hero.  He is the scene stealer.  The upstaging side-kick.  The ever important  and much-needed comic relief.  And let’s face it–Jack ends up doing right but usually it begins in a self-serving way and he stumbles upon his own good heart.  He is a good man AND a pirate.  Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides tries to make a hero out of Jack and it doesn’t work.   He also appears less drunk  and less grimy–hmm strange tides, indeed.  It will appear that too much screen time makes Jack a dull boy. 

Everything else is just average.  Barbosa seems less imposing.  Blackbeard is lame in comparison to Davy Jones (which is sad).  [Side note:  We re watched the trilogy recently and had forgotten how gory and violent it was (awesome!).  It bought to sharp contrast how “clean” this latest installment was.]  The new love interest, Angelica is weak.  Sub plot with young, handsome clergy and mermaid is silly.  Action is ordinary (best sequence is with the mermaids). 

Yep, pretty mediocre.  And I was expecting more…a lot more.  *Deep Sigh*