Rise of the Guardians is a beautiful family film–perfect for the Holidays!

Rise of the Guardians is cool, family fun!  ROTG is not as good as a film as some of its counterparts (this year it would be Wreck-It Ralph) but it is a satisfying, enjoyable holiday tale.  It is not too kiddie for adults and yet, not too adult for kiddos.

The most impressive aspect of ROTG is the incredible character design and beautiful cinematography.  Each legend is uniquely created–there was a Santa concept I’ve never seen before and works great (love the tats!)–an Easter Bunny so badass I couldn’t help but want one :D–a gorgeous Tooth Fairy that had hummingbird feathers–a Sandman that was brilliantly made entirely of sand–a Boogie Man that was all smoke and shadow (so cool!)–and then there was Jack Frost, who although just a young man had some pretty awesome frost powers.  It earns high scores for creativity and originality.

The voice cast is wonderful.  Alec Baldwin is unrecognizable as Santa (North)–Chris Pine suits Jack Frost perfectly–Isla Fisher captures the Tooth Fairy’s sweetness–Sandman does not have a voice, but is awesome–Jude Law‘s Pitch Black (aka Bogey Man) is menacing and a highlight of the film and my favorite is Hugh Jackman‘s Bunnymund, who is like no Easter Bunny you’ve ever seen or heard!

It may be a bit scary for younger kids, but for 8 and up–it is solid fun.  I loved how it just made me feel good.  I laughed a lot (the elves and yetis are golden)  and even got choked up a bit.  You will emerge with the Holiday spirit amped-up and ready to spread good will and cheer to all!  Not too shabby for a kids movie, especially one that helps you remember the wonder, hope and fun each season can offer and how important it is to cherish those memories.

Rise of the Guardians Trailer