Puss in Boots? ME – OW!

Puss in Boots Poster

I LOVE PUSS in BOOTS!  And I am not alone!  Many have fallen under his spell–is it the accent? The confident swagger? Or it could definitely be the big eyed stare…or maybe it’s the fact that Antonio Banderas was born to play this character and he loves him just as much as we do. 

Whatever it is–Puss in Boots is wonderful.  Way more than I expected.  I love the character since it was introduced in the Shrek series–but a whole movie?  Could it be Puss overload?  Thankfully, the answer is NO!  I want more! 

The movie turned out to be funny, touching and action filled.  It has a strong voice cast and a solid narrative.  The best parts are the expressions that the animators are able to create for the cats–as a cat lover it is easy for me to say they are dead on!  And the one cat–the cat in the trailer–the one with the paw over the mouth and the shocked “OOOOHHHH!” –well, she is so fabulous and used perfectly!  We want her to be digitally added to classic films–just at the right moments!! LOL!  (it has been fun thinking of those scenes)

I have seen it 2x and could watch again.  It is quotable and awesome.  Hopefully you got to see it–if not hurry–you won’t regret it!