I want to borrow a gun–to shoot almost everyone in Something Borrowed!


I consider myself tolerant.  I try to be fair and judge movies within, what I consider, are the expectations of their genres.  And I usually enjoy romantic comedies–they are nice break from the serious stuff.  I call them light and fluffy movies.  With that said, I disliked Something Borrowed–and I was actually looking forward to it–a real narrative on a subject not often addressed.

So what happened?  Well, the bottom line is that I disliked 3 out of the 4 principals.  Really, really disliked them.  Except for John Krasinski’s Ethan–who was the ONLY character that had any common sense–the rest were annoyingly…what word could I use?  oh, yeah–stupid!  They are exaggerated stereotypes. 

I am not even going to get into it, because it frustrates me.  I will say that I hate they way women are portrayed on film (most of the time)–needy and desperate or conniving and slutty–but what is sadder, is that some of these women exist in the real world.  Which is fine…I just do not want to cheer for them in a movie. 

If you have to go see this–go ahead.  Just remember I tried to warn you…