The Campaign is NOT as dumb as it looks…

I am catching up with a bunch of movies lately–been falling behind due work schedules and life stuff–and The Campaign was on my list on ones I wanted to watch.  I had heard a few positive remarks and I enjoy most Will Farrell films, so I was ready for some silly laughs.  Well, I got the laughs and a pretty smart political satire, too–how cool is that?

Now, it does all this by being over the top and not based on reality (at all), but you get the point.  It is scary how accurately it depicts the political circus we have going on in the country.  The “Rainbow Land” scene is hilarious and shockingly truthful.  And yes, I am tired of it–as most Americans are and this narrative reflects the frustration and the hope and need we have for change in that arena.

Surprisingly, Farrell and Zach Galifianakis play it straight and it works.  They are able to play spoofs of political archetypes, yet at the same time, they were able to fill in the details that lend them to be more human than caricatures.  Add a strong supporting cast (especially loved Dylan McDermott’s ruthless campaign manager) and you will find some truth in all their portrayals.

Director Jay Roach has focused on political films lately–but this one seems to present the subject in a blatantly ridiculous way.  Writers Shawn Harwell and Chris Henchy could have spent more time on character development and they could have made some really smart connections to how campaigns are truly managed, but then again…this is a comedy.  Still, it could have been a better movie if they had taken themselves a bit more seriously.

Nonetheless, The Campaign is ridiculous fun and with some smart thrown in.  That’ll do just fine.