The Hunger Games Trilogy lived up to the hype! Sweet!

All The Hunger Games hoop-la is real!  Suzanne Collins has created a fast paced, well crafted, addictive narrative.  Her universe is complete and fascinating.  I love it when it is hard to put down the book–you just have to know what is going to happen! Awesome!  The best part are the characters, which are some of the most realistic I’ve read in a young adult novel. 

I am not opposed to young adult literature–Harry Potter, Pendragon series, and House of Night–are a few of the stand outs, but sometimes the angst can be too much and so I tend to be cautious when approaching a new series.  I also am weary of the mainstream “popular” books because 80% of the time–I am NOT mainstream. 🙂  After seeing the new trailer for the upcoming film adaptation I became more interested and thought why not? I will check it out–and I am so glad I did!

The setting is sometime in a possible future of what could be earth (never really stated) and after several rebellions and revolutions the control fell to “The Capital” and the country Panem, which was divided into 12 Districts, now lives under their dictatorship.  As a reminder of their control and as a deterrent for future rebellions they hold an annual “Hunger Game” where 2 tributes (male and female) from each district must compete in a televised death match, that is mandatory viewing for all citizens of Panem.  This premise has been done before–Running Man, etc–but what sets this apart are the characters.

The two tributes (& main characters) from District 12 are: Katniss Everdeen, a strong-willed, determined young woman, who realistically has some intimacy issues and struggles with emotions.  Her driving motivation is survival.  Period.  And Peeta Mallark, who is sensitive and quietly intelligent. He is the opposite of Katniss and relies on his emotions to function.  The entire supporting character list is perfect (Haymitch–Cinna–Gale).  Each contributes to the story in vital ways–there are no fluffy, throw away people–everyone has a purpose. 

I appreciate the politics and moral questions that Collins addresses.  This is a world full of suffering and pain and she does not shrink away from being brutally honest about the reality of that.  I am glad young adults are reading this–I hope it starts some conversations about making a stand and a difference in our world.    

You know me–I will not give away plot points or summarize the story for you.  I want you to read it!!  Lose yourself in the intricate universe Collins has created.  You will not regret it! 

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